Meet Henry

Henry is learning to walk again after having a complex spinal surgery to treat muscle tightness from cerebral palsy that aims to see him pain-free.

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Raffi sitting in his hospital bed

Meet Raffi

Walking into the doctor’s office, Nicole and Matthew Verrocchi could never have imagined that their two-year-old son Rafael was about to be diagnosed with cancer.

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Malu sitting in a toy truck, smiling with his arm raised up in the air

Meet Malu

Malu is the face of the 90th Good Friday Appeal. The two-year-old is up and running again after he had surgery to disconnect one half of his brain to minimise the impact of debilitating seizures.

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Cancer patient Aurora

Aurora adds to Hospital’s Appeal

To mark the 90th Good Friday Appeal, we are calling for people to share their stories, like Aurora Fei, who celebrated her 4th birthday while in hospital for cancer treatment.

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Emotions flow for little Lucy

Gorgeous Lucy has started prep this year after being diagnosed with a rare type of kidney cancer in 2019.

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Meet Hugo

Kait Pfeiffer wants everyone to meet her 16 month old son Hugo so that they can see that while he may look different, he has a gorgeous smile, a twinkle in his eyes and is just a cheeky, brave and strong boy.

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Meet Sarah

Doctors look inside Sarah's head to solve seizure mystery. The 22-month-old toddler has been having seizures since before her first birthday.

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Meet Orlando

Orlando, 3, has been battling a rare sub-form of paediatric brain cancer which to this day has not been diagnosed.

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