Developing Precision Medicine for Children with Kidney Disease

Thanks to support from the Good Friday Appeal, a new Kidney Flagship is being established at The Royal Children's Hospital.

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The CLARITY Juvenile Arthritis Research Platform

With support from the Good Friday Appeal, the RCH Department of Rheumatology will establish the CLARITY Juvenile Arthritis Research Platform to better understand and treat the disease.

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Brain Tumour Clinical Trials

Brain tumours account for approximately 20% of cancers in children. Brain cancer (or malignant brain tumours) kill more children in Australia than any other disease.

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Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

Through community support, the Good Friday Appeal funds important research at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI).

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Melbourne Genomics Health Alliance

From breakthrough discoveries to advances in great care, research is essential in transforming the future of children’s health.

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Health Services Research Unit

With the rising demand for health services and the increasing complexity of delivering health care, it’s important that The Royal Children’s Hospital evaluates the best ways to provide great care to patients and their families.

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