Girl wearing cat ears, relaxing on the grass with a book. Image for the Good Friday Appeals Cardiology Research by Alex Coppel

Cardiology Research

Helping to ensure a brighter future for children with cardiac conditions.

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Precision Newborn Health

New research project aims to deliver personalised treatments for our sickest and most vulnerable babies.

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GenV research project into health problems

A new digital platform will help collect information on 150,000 babies to understand current health challenges

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A National Centre of Excellence in Speech Genetics: Transforming Patient Care

For most children, the gift of speech comes naturally. Yet others are born with speech apraxia, a debilitating speech disorder.

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Children’s Cancer Centre Tissue Bank

Thanks to the incredible support of the Good Friday Appeal community and Cancer in Kids Auxiliary (CIKA), The Royal Children’s Hospital and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute are assisting ground-breaking cancer research across the globe.

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The Kidney Flagship

The Kidney Flagship aims to reduce the burden of genetic kidney disease on patients and their families by improving diagnosis and treatment, and the development of new targeted therapies.

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The CLARITY Juvenile Arthritis Research Platform

It is estimated that around 100 children develop juvenile arthritis each year in Victoria. This condition affects a child’s joints and other parts of the body, causing pain, swelling, stiffness, difficulty moving and sometimes even fevers and rashes.

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Brain Tumour Clinical Trials

Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease, which is why the Children’s Cancer Centre (CCC) is trialing a new program to improve survival rates.

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