We strive to connect to and engage with all of society.  

We educate those communities who did not grow up with the Appeal. 

We empower and support those who may experience barriers to participation.

Representation – all communities & abilities will see themselves represented in storytelling, and we ensure a proportion of stories we tell are of children who will continue to live with their disability.

Participation – increasing participation across GFA activities and events by many different communities so they will activate and advocate for the GFA. Deliberate action is taken by GFA to embed people from all of society & abilities into our organisation so that we truly are the “people’s charity” in which all feel a sense of belonging and ownership.

Acknowledgement– inclusion of all groups considered in all GFA strategies, plans and activities.

What is equality, diversity and inclusion?

Equality is about creating a fairer society, where everyone is treated with dignity, respect and without discrimination. It is about challenging the environments and processes that limit an individual’s opportunities to thrive, belong and contribute.

Diversity is the mix of individuals within our society and community. It is about recognising, understanding and valuing the difference that individuals bring. It is about serving a diverse range of people and the communities they belong to. By embracing all, we can support all communities to achieve their goals and that can thrive and go beyond what they thought possible.

Inclusion is about taking deliberate action to create an environments, opportunities and a culture where everyone feels they belong, can participate and is valued for their contribution, experience and perspective. Everyone has a part to play in creating and promoting inclusivity and ensuring it is at the heart of everything we do.

At the Good Friday Appeal, we embrace diversity, equity and inclusion to ensure all of our people feel a sense of belonging within the wider community of the Good Friday Appeal.

Diversity, equity and inclusion at the Good Friday Appeal 

Appeal Staff 

The Good Friday Appeal acknowledges the significance of fostering a culturally aware and inclusive environment. To achieve this, team members undergo cultural awareness training, enriching their understanding and appreciation of diverse perspectives.


Shamalki Sapatha Waduge and Nilushi Siriwardhana from Craigieburn are pictured

Advisory &  Suppliers 


Caleb, 11 months


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