Patient and Family Centred Care

Clinical Nutrition Service

At any one time across The Royal Children's Hospital, 15% of patients are receiving nutrition intravenously. The new Intestinal Rehabilitation and Clinical Nutrition Service is aiming to be a  nationally recognised centre of excellence.

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RCH Telehealth

RCH Telehealth is a tool for online video consultations and a great way for clinicians to deliver great care to patients outside of hospital visits. Children living in rural and regional areas often have limited access to specialist healthcare, with…

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Wadja Health Service

To deliver the best health outcomes for Aboriginal children and young people, The Royal Children’s Hospital founded Wadja Aboriginal Family Place. Made possible thanks to your generosity, Wadja provides a culturally sensitive and responsive service to Aboriginal and Torres Strait…

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Supporting Patients with Intellectual Disability and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder

Patients with Intellectual Disability and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder who are also affected by mental health issues are a vulnerable group with a high care needs. Eventually these patients must make the transition from hospital care to adult healthcare and thanks to Good Friday Appeal support,…

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