Meet Sonny

A rare kidney condition forced baby Sonny to arrive three months early and face more battles than most do in a lifetime.

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Meet River

Facing death, baby River endured one of the most intense courses of chemotherapy that can be given — 60 high-dose treatments in 20 weeks. Now she is cancer-free, thanks to The Royal Children’s Hospital.

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Meet Elliott

Little Elliott’s rare condition means he can’t stop smiling, but it’s hiding a serious disease doctors are working hard to improve.

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Bright souls fight cancer

Each year, 200 young people enter The Royal Children's Hospital for cancer treatment.

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Generations of Giving

As the Good Friday Appeal celebrates 90 years of supporting the Royal Children’s Hospital, patients from different eras share tales of care.

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Meet Noah

Noah was born with his major organs – heart, liver, stomach, lungs and spleen – all flipped in reverse to their normal positions.

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Meet Harry

Little Harry should be critically ill but he has recovered just as fast as a rare condition took hold of his kidneys thanks to a life-saving drug and top-class medical system.

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Samuel crawling on the grass

Meet Samuel

Samuel had life saving surgery when he was barely a day old after it was discovered the lower end of his digestive tract hadn't developed properly.

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