House record sale

The 2022 Charity House, by Henley and Villawood, sold at auction for a record $1,082,000 on Good Friday.

The Good Friday Appeal Charity Home in Sunbury has smashed its previous record with a massive $1m sale at yesterday’s auction.

Nine parties vied for 12 Sacred Drive in front of more than 600 people, and the sale blitzed last year’s $903,000.

Mickleham couple Sharlotte and Rami Ayoob placed the winning bid, raising $1.082m for the Royal Children’s Hospital.

“We’d been searching for a year and this was such a good package,” Ms Ayoob said. “It was a really good experience and so great that the money is going to the Royal Children’s.”

The Ayoobs were married last year, and are excited to settle down in Villawood’s Redstone estate.

They have relatives in the estate, and are looking forward to Ms Ayoob’s sister being able to walk over with her two children and play in the park opposite the home.

The three-bedroom home was completely donated by Henley Homes, Villawood Properties and more than 100 tradies and suppliers in Henley’s 30th year of building and donating houses to the Good Friday Appeal. They’ve raised a total of $18.23m to date.

Bidding started at $650,000, and quickly rose in $50,000 increments from there.

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