Virtual Care Program

Thanks to the support of the Good Friday Appeal, The Royal Children’s Hospital is set to become a world leader in the principle of great care everywhere with a new Virtual Care Program.

This ambitious, multi-year strategy will enhance the care available to patients throughout Victoria.

In what is set to be a state-wide collaborative model, Virtual Care brings together families, regional care facilities, paediatricians and allied health staff to deliver a joint approach to care.

With patients at the focus, the new model of care aims to treat patients beyond the four walls of the Hospital and closer to home.

Using a range of technology-driven projects connecting patients at home to specialists at the RCH and training healthcare workers across the state, the project will create new ways of diagnosing, treating and monitoring children without the need to come into the Hospital.

This exciting new model of care is leading the way in paediatric healthcare and is possible thanks to your support of the Good Friday Appeal.

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