Child Life Therapy: In House TV programs

These programs are supported by the Woolworths team and customers through the funds they raise for the Good Friday Appeal. 

Be Positive

Be Positive (B+) is the Hospital’s in-house TV program helping kids find out more about what happens in hospital.

B+ host Carlie and her two loveable friends, Jazz and Rocco, explore the hospital, talk to staff and experience special equipment.

The program helps patients become more familiar with the Hospital and helps them understand what might happen during their stay. 

Hospital Lingo

Hospital Lingo is the Hospital’s entertaining in-house game show that patients love participating in. Hospital Lingo is just like bingo but with the weird and wonderful things found in hospital.

The educational game distracts patients from their hospital experience and there are great prizes to be won.

Patients of any age can play the game which is aired on RCH TV three times a week.

Program proudly supported by the Woolworths team and customers

Posted September 2020

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