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Daisy’s heart was racing

Daisy was taken to The Royal Children’s Hospital’s Emergency Department as a three week old baby. We were worried about her as she wasn’t feeding properly the night before and she began to have a weak, high pitched sounding cry.

Daisy was very unwell. She was admitted to the Butterfly Ward where her heart rate skyrocketed to 340 beats per minute. We were told Daisy had heart failure and she was diagnosed with SVT, a condition where she would have episodes where her heart would race three times as fast as a normal heart.

Once Daisy was stable enough she was transferred to the Koala Ward where she spent the next 5 weeks being cared for and getting the right medication to control her SVT. We were able to sleep by her bedside during her stay on the Koala Ward which meant the world to us as her parents.

Daisy is now a happy and healthy almost three year old. She now has yearly hospital visits for checkups with her cardiologist and has successfully weaned off her heart medication.

In 2020 Daisy’s Dad wanted to give back to the place that saved our baby. He decided to run a marathon from the MCG to Whittlesea. With a goal of raising $5000, he and his best mate trained hard, aced their marathon and raised over $7000 for the RCH Foundation.

We will be forever grateful for the amazing work the RCH does. It is thanks to them we have a healthy happy child today.

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