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Brave little Logan

On the 27th of August 2021 Logan was rushed to hospital with viral symptoms and which over that particular week seemed to be getting worse.

“I still remember standing with the doctor with the doctor that night as they were doing an ultrasound and kept measuring something in his stomach and writing ‘mass’” his mother Alyssa said.

It was the following day they were given the news that Logan was diagnosed with neuroblastoma or ‘cancer’, a word which was so foreign to them. Over the following weeks Logan’s diagnosis just seemed to be getting worse going from low risk, intermediate risk and finally high risk, stage 4 neuroblastoma with less than 50% of survival

For the last 18 months logan has undergone several procedures to save his life including 5 rounds of chemotherapy, 1 round of high dose chemotherapy and stem cell transplant, 2 weeks radiation and 5 rounds of immunotherapy.

Against all odds Logan miraculously recovered and is currently in remission – Thanks to both nurses and doctors at Monash and The Royal Children’s Hospital.

“Logan would not be here today if it wasn’t for them and we are eternally grateful”

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