RCH Patient Ollie with his siblings

By golly, Ollie is able to breathe easier

Meet Ollie who has been admitted more than 40 times to the emergency in his short life.

Ollie is only four, but he’s already well versed in the comings and goings at The Royal Children’s Hospital.

In his short life he’s been admitted more than 40 times to emergency – and even the ICU – after being diagnosed with complex asthma at 12 months old.

For many children, asthma is a common and manageable condition, but Ollie’s experience has been far from ordinary.

“Ollie’s asthma is more difficult to control and more severe than most,” mum Rachel said. “He was still needing to be in hospital despite using the maximum doses of medication.”

Picture: Jason Edwards

Rachel said the frequent use of steroids to control his asthma had led to adrenal insufficiency, adding another layer of complexity to his treatment: “He’s now part of the RCH’s Complex Care Hub, where he’s been for 2½ years.”

Despite these hurdles, Ollie was determined not to be defined by his condition.

“Ollie is a little cheeky shining light who brings everyone so much joy,” she said. “He loves to play with his two big brothers and his big sister, he loves exploring the outdoors and anything to do with Spider-Man.”

Rachel said the care the family received was life-changing. Specialised care had reduced their hospital admissions and allowed Ollie to lead a more normal childhood.

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