Brain Tumour Clinical Trials

To advance the care, treatment and diagnosis of these patients at the RCH, the Children’s Cancer Centre (CCC) identified the need for a greater enrolment in international clinical trials.

The CCC now has two Clinical Trial Coordinators administering a new clinical trials program aimed at improving overall survival and ongoing quality of life for children with cancer. Though often confused with drug trials, clinical trials are aimed at developing new or improved methods of care. This includes things like:

  • innovative drug therapies,
  • the best combination of procedures to provide more effective, and
  • less toxic treatments for better long-term quality of life.

The launch of the clinical trials programs has allowed for more individualised care for paediatric brain tumour.

Clinical trials are the backbone of careThey provide access to the best level of international care. By participating in them, children at the RCH get the same care as those in big medical centres like New York.”

– Michael Sullivan, Head of Neuro-Oncology and Solid Tumour Programs

Thanks to your generous support, funds from the Good Friday Appeal and the Cancer Crusaders Auxiliary have supported brain tumour clinical trials at The Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.

Posted May 2018

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