IMRIS Machine

Sometimes, the best way to attract world-class paediatric outcomes is with a five-tonne magnet.

The intra-operative magnetic resonance imaging system (IMRIS) machine enables surgeons to perform MRI scans during brain surgery without the need to leave theatre or move the patient from the table, enhancing patient safety. The new system features an MRI scanner suspended from the ceiling which can move into the Neurosurgical theatre or Cardiology lab, allowing surgeons to access scans in real time, which assists with decision making and guidance during complex operations.

“The advantage is our other areas will be more efficient. There are direct benefits to the patients in the operating theatre, but also improved access to our imaging services for our other patients.”

Timothy Cain, Medical Imaging Specialist

Thanks to funding from the Good Friday Appeal, the RCH was the first paediatric hospital in Australia to offer the IMRIS. It currently assists approximately 1,000 patients each year.

Dr Golly introduces the IMRIS machine and speaks to two surgeons for the Good Friday Appeal 2018 Telethon

Posted July 2018

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