Meet Breanna

Breanna jumping in the air

Soaring through the air jumping on her trampoline is just how Breanna Thomas’ fight for life began one fateful day almost five years ago.

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Meet Maddox

Maddox lying on the grass holding a rugby ball

Brave Maddox Ropati-Tui has a hidden “superpower” — that’s what the youngster calls the port-a-cath buried in his chest.

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Meet Kirra

Kirra sitting on the running track

Kirra Wright may have had a stroke at the age of two and three major brain surgeries but she's aiming for gold at the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris.

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Meet Scarlett

Scarlett has a rare disease known as transverse myelitis — an inflammation of the spinal cord, which interrupts the messages nerves send throughout her body — which has left her left arm paralysed.

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Meet Ariana

Ariana on her scooter, holding an arm up in the air

Ariana Plafadellis is proud that doctors at the Royal Children’s Hospital took a chance on her little body.

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Volunteering from the heart

Matt Riordan has been volunteering for the Good Friday Appeal for five years to give back to The Royal Children's Hospital after they saved his life as a child.

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Meet Matilda

Matilda sitting on a swing

Born with tuberous sclerosis, Matilda has been in and out of The Royal Children’s Hospital for most of her life.

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Meet Lucy

Lucy standing in the garden holding her arms out to her sides

It really does take a village to raise a child — that’s what Lucy Lazzari’s parents found.

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