Meet Sarah

Doctors look inside Sarah's head to solve seizure mystery. The 22-month-old toddler has been having seizures since before her first birthday.

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Meet Orlando

Orlando, 3, has been battling a rare sub-form of paediatric brain cancer which to this day has not been diagnosed.

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Meet Marcus

Marcus Sian is in awe of his new-found abilities thanks to a team of surgeons at The Royal Children's Hospital who helped him recover from paralysis.

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Meet Harry

Harry Munro standing on a stand up paddle board in the ocean, holding the paddle above his heard

When Harry Munro started prep this year, it wasn’t the playground or the school books that excited him. It was another child who had a scar just like his.

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Meet Breanna

Breanna jumping in the air

Soaring through the air jumping on her trampoline is just how Breanna Thomas’ fight for life began one fateful day almost five years ago.

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Meet Maddox

Maddox lying on the grass holding a rugby ball

Brave Maddox Ropati-Tui has a hidden “superpower” — that’s what the youngster calls the port-a-cath buried in his chest.

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Meet Kirra

Kirra sitting on the running track

Kirra Wright may have had a stroke at the age of two and three major brain surgeries but she's aiming for gold at the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris.

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Meet Scarlett

Scarlett has a rare disease known as transverse myelitis — an inflammation of the spinal cord, which interrupts the messages nerves send throughout her body — which has left her left arm paralysed.

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