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Ty’s Parents Thank the Amazing RCH

Our beautiful boy was diagnosed at four weeks old with a rare condition called Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. He was continually unwell, so we took him back to the Women’s Hospital, whose care he was still under and where he was born.

Due to the COVID lockdown, he was kept at the Women’s Hospital but under close consult and care of the RCH’s endocrinologists. He was in adrenal crisis and we were so lucky to have brought him in when we did.

After a week in NICU, he was improving. A week later we took our baby boy home for a second time.

Since then we have had regular ten weekly visits and blood tests to make sure everything is working as well as it should and to stay on top of his medication dose as he grows. Being such a rare condition and new parents, as well as having our baby during lockdown was a lot. The care we have received from the RCH’s endocrinology team has been incredible. We are so thankful that we have this amazing hospital to help our little boy live the best life he possibly can.

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