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RCH Doctors Save Aiden’s Life

Aiden was born in Shepparton in November 2016, flown to RCH, and operated on at 24 hours old with suspected Malrotation.

He quickly recovered. At 6.5-months-old, Aiden suffered a major bowel obstruction and was flown to RCH again. During his 4 month stay, he endured 4 surgeries and multiple procedures. Dr. Joe Crameri and his team saved Aiden’s life, they created a temporary stoma which was reversed before coming home and they removed half of his small bowel.

Once recovered and his bowel was functional again we went home with an NG tube where Aiden had to learn to eat and love food like he once did. Aiden is now almost 5, starting school next year, and has adapted well with only half of his small bowel remaining.

Thank you, to the amazing staff at RCH!

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