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Polly’s Parents “So Lucky” to have the RCH

Polly first came to the RCH in August 2020. I brought her in after our local hospital discovered Polly was significantly delayed in her development. I remember the kindness of the Emergency Doctors who listened to our story and then set us up with ongoing care.
Polly has been an Orthopaedic Patient and Neurology Patient ever since.
Recently through the Neurogenetics Team Polly has been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Congenital Myasthenia. We are in the very early stages of learning what this means for Polly long term.
We are so grateful for the kindness, care, and commitment of the RCH teams. From ECGs, X-Rays, Prosthesis, and Admission to the Cockatoo ward the staff are always lovely and do everything they can for you. We are so lucky to have this hospital in our city!

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