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Natalie Gives Back the Gift of Life

I was a patient at the RCH from when I was 1 month old, until I was 18 years of age. I had multiple long stays and experiences left kidney failure as well as multiple other complications and operations in regards to this.

My Mum, Dad, Sister, and Brother always tell me they remember not being able to pick me up as I was completely covered with tubes and some days was so sick I could barely open my eyes. As I got older I got to know all the Nurses and regular patients in the ward. We were like a family and I remember asking for one of my friends one morning and to be told they were an angel in heaven. I asked my Mum when will I be an angel in heaven. It just seemed like the thing to ask when that’s all you know and see growing up.

I remember spending most of my childhood in the ward doing homework and random weekends driving in to get IV treatment.
The hospital is amazing and they literally saved my life more than once.
I am a nurse today and although I still battle with my health I enjoy nothing more than being able to help others and give back the gift of life I have been given.

I have been volunteering at the Good Friday Appeal for the past 13 years in the phone rooms and I love volunteering my time to such a great cause so close to my heart.

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