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Heidi has “Aspirations of Being a Doctor” After RCH Stay

Heidi lives over 3 hours away from RCH and stayed there in January 2021. It was scary, Heidi was losing weight very fast. Our small-town GP sent us to the RCH for help and when we got there we knew we had made the right decision. Heidi had a lot of tests done and spoke to a lot of people but her stay was relieved when music therapy and art therapy came and spent some time with her… oh and let’s not forget the clowns, they all helped take her mind off where she was just for a little bit.
Heidi is cutting her gorgeous long golden locks and donating them so they can be made into a wig as well as that she has rallied her community to donate money to the RCH Good Friday appeal so that she can say “thanks for caring for me when I needed you”.
Heidi is a 7-year-old champion of lots of things, she now thrives at school and at dancing and has great aspirations of being a doctor “who does ballet on the weekends”. Heidi often thinks of others before she does anything and loves a laugh with her 4 siblings as often as she can.
Heidi has a really long her and she is very proud of it and wears it so well as a result Heidi has never had a haircut… not once! Heidi has grown her hair long enough so that when she has her haircut, she still has enough for her ballet bun.
Your family is so proud of you Heidi!
Please help Heidi reach her goal to say “thanks for my stay”.

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