Little Connor at the RCH after a procedure
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Connor had open heart surgery at just 7 hours old

When Connor’s family found out about his condition late in the pregnancy, their whole world was turned upside down. Due to complications, the family had to pack up and relocate from Geelong to Melbourne in the middle of the pandemic and Connors’s two older brothers had to spend 7 weeks living with other family members and was unable to meet their brand-new baby brother till he was 2 months of age.

Born at 37 weeks gestation with a fully fused Aortic valve and other secondary heart issues and little Connor needed to have open heart surgery at just 7 hours old. Connor spent almost 3 months in the Rosella ward, where he was cared for by the most amazing team of doctors, nurses and staff. During those three months he had several surgeries, went into heart failure, and even has sepsis.

Connor then graduated to the koala ward and was there for 3 weeks before he and his family were able to head home and start living their life as a family.

Connor has ongoing health issues, but if you were to meet him and not know his story you would have no idea what he’s been through.

“He has developed into a cheeky and happy 18-month-old who loves to get outside, run around, and play. He will have lifelong appointments and ongoing surgeries, but we are so lucky about how far he’s come and feel blessed to have such an amazing hospital in our state that saved our son’s life, more than once.” his mum noted.

Connor’s appointments are now every 3 months at RCH to see the cardiologist and Urologist where the staff go above and beyond for him.

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