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Chrystle Could “Never be More Grateful” to the RCH

I was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease aged 3 – after lots of back and forwards with local doctors – the team at RCH took one look at me when I walked in the door and a few tests later to confirm – had a diagnosis.

I spent a lot of time with RCH, from bi-monthly trips to the big city for appointments, treatments, and procedures to the anaesthetic team that always made me laugh with their jokes. From the clown doctors to the day medical team that I visited every 6 weeks. From the team on the kookaburra ward that hung out with me for 10 weeks while I recovered from several major operations; and the pages of well-wishes written out by all my nurses and care team that I still have in my room, to the “ghost” decorations that nurse Hayley covered my IV poles with because I didn’t like the idea of blood transfusion.

I could never be more grateful for every single person involved with RCH, and the care they provided me over the years; that very same care that they continue to provide for so many children and families across the country.

Thank you – to everyone.

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