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Born with paediatric liver disease

My son Riley Brown (3 minutes older than his twin – important if you are a twin) was born after an Emergency Caesarian on 26th April 2007. My husband and I were ecstatic at our twins impending arrival, but the stillness and concern in the delivery room indicated something was not right. Riley was swiftly transferred via Nets Transport to The Royal Children’s Hospital with CPAP and I/v lines everywhere. The care was amazing. I can still remember all the tiny patients hooked up to all the machines and the kind nurses who had such an important job to do caring for our precious baby. Regular communication and visits to Riley made us feel so comfortable that he was in top care. After numerous tests, an unknown virus was found to be the cause of his illness and cardiomyopathy but after two weeks of continuous monitoring and care he was stable and improved enough to return to our local hospital. Riley is almost 12 now, fighting fit and our appreciation to all the staff who cared for him over the first two weeks of his life is something we will never be able to say thank you enough for. A sick child is something very frightening but the care and support of The Royal Children’s Hospital makes it just a little bit easier. Thank you


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