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Adorable Little Lottie

When Lottie was born, various Paediatricians/ GP’s had varying comments about the size of her “soft spot” being very small. She was also beginning to have a very prominent forehead. Lottie’s parents knew something wasn’t right and sought out more testing, only to find she had a rare birth defect ‘Sagittal Crainosynestosis’ which required a very confronting surgery called ‘cranial vault reconstruction surgery’.

They were no strangers to this situation as their nephew had the same condition with a similar surgery.

As first time parents, this was highly terrifying for them and they were unsure of what the future looked like for Lottie. She started having seizures as there was more pressure put on her brain with many trips back and forth to Melbourne from rural Victoria. Fortunately, they were in the safe hands of the Royal Childrens Hospital Melbourne and Dr. Charles Baillieu. “As parents, Dr. Baillieu made us feel empowered and like we were the driving force in the situation. He prepared us so well that we were informed and ready for when the day came.” Her parent noted.

“Although we were prepared, when we got the call to set the date for her surgery I remember my heart sinking but we knew she was in great hands. The day came and the most prominent thing I can remember is Lottie smiling and giggling the whole time. I was and still am in awe of her bravery and resilience.” Her mum continued.

Post operation she was soldiering on like a champion and on day 2 she was back to dancing to the Wiggles and winning the hearts of the nursing team!

“We spent our first Easter at the RCH and really got to experience what the Good Friday Appeal was about!” her mum said.

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