Rachel Zundovskis

12th March, 2020

Volunteer helps launch CFA Brigade’s Appeal effort

New mum Rachel Zundovskis is looking forward to this year’s Good Friday Appeal.

Although her baby son was only born at the end of February, she is keen to continue working with the Clonbinane CFA to build on the momentum created through last year’s inaugural effort for the Appeal.

“I have been a member of the CFA for almost 12 years, and my husband and I transferred to Clonbinane CFA just over two years ago,” Rachel said. 

“I have been participating in the Good Friday Appeal collection for about nine years – the brigade I was previously with did roadside collection. When we moved to Clobinane we still wanted to be a part of it in some way and a little more than just donating money ourselves, so after a discussion with the Clonbinane brigade we decided to have a go and see how it went.”

Clonbinane CFA volunteers

Clonbinane CFA volunteers who doorknocked on Good Friday

The brigade doorknocked all the houses in the wider Clonbinane area and nearby Waterford Park – raising $2000 from the 300 people in the area.

“It was great,” Rachel said. “We had an awesome response from the community. For our first year we were extremely proud of our effort and the efforts of our community.”

Although Rachel was the driving force behind the brigade’s inaugural effort, everyone jumped on board, including Trevor, who’s in his 60s. “He has been a part of CFA for many years and is passionate about keeping the community informed via social media,” Rachel said.

“He does a great job.  A few weeks out from Good Friday he will start informing the community of our Appeal event. Being in a small community, social media is a great way to keep everyone informed about what we are doing as a fire brigade and a great way to get the community involved in these events.”

Like so many Victorians, Rachel has family members who have received care at the Royal Children’s Hospital and the brigade’s captain John and his family regularly use the hospital’s services for their 10-year-old son.

“I have recently became a mum – our son was born four weeks premature and while, thankfully, he is fine, just knowing we have the Royal Children’s Hospital gives me peace of mind as a parent,” she said.

For Rachel the Appeal is all about giving back to the wider community and knowing that no matter how big or small the donation to the RCH is, it will make a difference in some way to someone.

And, as part of the firefighting community, there’s another big benefit. “So many times as a CFA member we meet people in the community in an emergency situation, so by participating in the Good Friday Appeal it allows us to get out there and interact with our community in a positive way.” 

Words: Tricia Quirk

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