Rachel Green

18th December, 2019

Volunteer enjoys variety of roles at Appeal

Being on the stage when this year’s record $18,175,467 total was announced was a fitting end to a huge day for Good Friday Appeal volunteer Rachel Green.

“It was so exciting,” Rachel said. “When the total was announced, showing how much was raised, everyone was really excited.”

Rachel said it was the highlight of her day at the convention centre that had started 15 hours earlier.

“I was tired, but it was really worth it. It’s a great environment – you know you are doing something to help a good cause and you really enjoy it no matter what you’re doing.”

And Rachel had plenty of variety – working in the phone room, helping count money and shaking a donation tin at the Kids’ Day Out – when she filled in for other volunteers who were unable to be there for their shifts.

A student nurse in Shepparton, Rachel, 25, has volunteered with the Appeal for the past four years.

“I always used to watch the Appeal on TV and decided I wanted to do something to help out,” she said. “It’s really good to be involved – you meet so many people and have a great time.

“I am one of the younger volunteers, but everyone is so accommodating and so very grateful for your time and the things you do.”

Rachel’s involvement with the Royal Children’s Hospital started when she was a youngster and had asthma. Having spent a lot of time as an out-patient of the hospital, she is very aware of the great work the RCH does.

Words: Tricia Quirk

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