Small Change Appeal Woolworths

Woolworths Small Change is back this October.

From little things, big things grow. The same goes for the Woolworths Small Change Appeal this October which will help The Royal Children’s Hospital’s Garden Therapy program “A Breath of Fresh Air” flourish.

The program is designed to help support the well-being of children and their families staying at the hospital. A Breath of Fresh Air aims to distract from pain, decrease stress and provide relief for children staying at and visiting the hospital, by offering outdoor, horticultural and sensory experiences.

The expanded program will also increase the number of patients who can access the gardens, across all three of the hospital’s therapeutic garden spaces.

From now until Tuesday, October 24th you can add a $2 token to your shopping, Round Up your purchase at Self Checkouts, or use the Donation Buttons. Your support will make a difference for sick kids treated at The Royal Children’s Hospital.⁠

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