A big wheel of fortune

The Escape from Neil's Wheel fundraiser has joined the million dollar club after this year's event.

The annual Escape from Neil’s Wheel fundraiser has raised $305,922 for the Good Friday Appeal this year.

Neil’s Wheel, held by 3AW and Neil Mitchell at the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, has now raised more than $1 million since it began in 2018.

This year, 21 participants from a range of businesses were held hostage on the wheel until they raised at least $5,000 for the Appeal on Friday, 12 March.

The money from the 2021 event will help The Royal Children’s Hospital purchase a new ultrasound machine which will assist more than 250 patients each week.

The new machine will have superior imaging quality, enabling greater precision during procedures and reduced procedure time for patients.

We are incredibly grateful to Neil Mitchell, 3AW, the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, the 21 participants and their generous donors for supporting the Appeal in our 90th year.

See below the list of participants and how much they raised.


Thunderbird Owners Club$36,047
Tobin Brothers Funeral$36,014
Melbourne Storm$19,119
Rob’s British & Irish Butchers$17,646
Greyhound Racing Victoria$17,630
Barry Plant Grouo$16,976
3 Point Motors$13,741
Herald Sun Confidential$12,726
The District Docklands$11,529
Chemist Warehouse$10,104
ACE Radio$9,460
Fieldmans Waste$8,654
Valles Accountants$8,267
Better Rentals$7,906
North Melbourne Football Club$7,895
Western Bulldogs Football Club$6,194
13 Cabs$5,621
WestWind Energy$4,491

Story published: Tuesday 16 March 2021

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