2021 Charity House record sale

The 2021 Charity House, by Henley and Villawood, sold at auction for a record $903,000 on Good Friday.

Records are meant to be broken right? And that was the case this year for the 2021 Good Friday Appeal Charity home, smashing the record for its highest selling price in its 29-year history.

The beautiful double-storey home, land and complete with all the furniture and fixtures as part of the package, was sold for a mammoth $903,000, breaking the record set in 2018, where the charity home was sold for $860,000.

With hundreds of people enjoying the return of the GFA charity home street party, hosted by Henley Homes and Villawood Properties, it was down to business at 2pm, with the highly-anticipated auction of the 2021 Good Friday Appeal Charity Home Auction in the boutique Rathdowne Community in Wollert.

Going under the hammer was the stunning Vogue 34 by Henley, which at 34 squares and with four-bedrooms, was an instant drawcard to scores of eager bidders wanting this beautiful property to be their future family home.

Great music, ample kids’ entertainment and tasty street food proved to be very popular amongst the crowd.

Andy Reid, the auctioneer, worked the crowd in true form during the fast-paced auction, with the Lazarovski Family securing the record-breaking winning bid of $903,000.

This year’s Charity Home Auction represents an achievement of nearly 30 years building and donating homes, now raising close to $17 million for the Good Friday Appeal.

The Lazarovski Family is not only the proud owners of the stunning Henley home with all the trimmings including the furniture in Wollert, but all proceeds from the sale will go to the Royal Children’s Hospital for vital research and patient care.

Drage Lazarovski said, “My daughter and I fell in love with the house when we checked it out one month ago. It was the first time my wife, Zaklina saw the house today so we were hoping we could make the winning bid!”

Henley Homes CEO, Antony Blackshaw, added, “What another great day for the Royal Children’s Hospital. From all of us at Henley, the 150 volunteer trades and suppliers, we are thrilled to continue to be part of this day and contribute to the Good Friday Appeal.”

Story published: Friday 2 April 2021

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