Rough road to recovery for George

15th July, 2019


A BELLY button that poked in and out on its own was the only sign something might be amiss with bubbly 18-month-old George Davidson.

Mum Katie Davidson took the youngest of her three children to the GP, suspecting a simple hernia. But doctors phoned her before she even got back to her car — “Little George” was carrying a stage four neuroblastoma, a cancer that starts in the nerve tissue near the kidneys.

18 month old George Davidson

The Creswick youngster remains blissfully unaware as he tests out his unsteady gait in the corridors of the Royal Children’s Hospital oncology ward, rummaging through buckets of toy trucks.


Little George, named after his father, will calmly sit and let nurses do his blood pressure. He has even started trying to do his own checks. He faces up to 18 months of treatment to shrink the tumour.

“What made me so upset is that he’s so happy and normal,” Mrs Davidson said. “He’s good now, but we’re going to make him sick with the treatment so he can get better.”

The family will be in hospital for Easter when George has his next round of chemo.

“Hopefully he will remember none of this experience,” Mrs Davidson said.




Originally published in the Herald Sun, April 7, 2019

Words: Brigid O’Connell

Images: Jay Town

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