Meet the patients

Meet Tia

Cheryl Carter was living every parent’s nightmare when her seven-year-old daughter was placed in intensive care at the Royal Children’s Hospital. Tia Sharp, now 10, was battling septicaemia, a life-threatening condition than occurs when bacteria enters the blood. In the

Meet Audrey

AUDREY Laurent’s parents are convinced doctors at The Royal Children’s Hospital sowed flecks of gold onto her heart all those years ago. In 2011, at just four-months-old, Audrey needed surgery to mend tiny holes in her tiny heart. Like any parents, Jacquelyn Laurent Goeman

Meet Jasper

AT a check-up for her baby Jasper, a maternal health nurse told mum Louise Sherriff to get her son straight to the emergency department. Jasper was 11 weeks old but only 130 grams heavier than his birth weight. He was being fed formula but

Meet Gus

Gus was born a fighter For Gus Rule, life has been a battle since before he was born. At 28 weeks gestation, parents Jacki and John were told there was “something wrong” with their baby’s heart. A week later Gus was born, small

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