Meet the patients

Meet Ollie

Meet Ollie

Introducing the face of the 2019 Good Friday Appeal   If you saw little Ollie running around, you would think he was like any other four year old. He’s charismatic, full of life and will go exploring at any opportunity

Jess sends selfie during brain surgery

Gippsland teenager texts, sends selfies to her family while conscious during brain surgery IT is as radical a concept as you can get; remove part of someone’s brain and they will be healthier than before. Gippsland teenager Jess Banik has

Meet Harry

Mending Harry’s Heart The incredible story of the surgeries that gave the Munro family a new beginning.    HARRY Munro’s parents have handed him over for open heart surgery four times in as many years. You would think it would get

Gutsy Levi puts his best foot forward

  LEVI Montgomery has spent almost half his life baffling doctors. No-one could pinpoint why the infant would regularly lose consciousness after he tried to feed. He was losing weight. He spent most of his first year alive in hospital. 

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