Meet the patients

Meet Maddox

Brave Maddox Ropati-Tui has a hidden “superpower” — that’s what the youngster calls the port-a-cath buried in his chest. The six-year-old, from South Yarra, was born with cystic fibrosis, a disease which affects the lungs and can make it hard

Meet Kirra

Five years ago Kirra Wright was learning to walk again. Today she is aiming for gold. The 11-year-old’s goal is to compete at the 2024 Paralympic Games in Paris. And despite having had a stroke at age two, and three major brain

Meet Scarlett

Teaching a three-year-old how to move her muscles via videolink isn’t always easy, as there are distractions and difficulties. But for Scarlett Khoo, it’s meant she can now zip up and down the footpath on her bright green scooter. Scarlett has a rare

Meet Ariana

Ariana Plafadellis is proud that doctors at the Royal Children’s Hospital took a chance on her little body. She knows that because of her, other kids are now able to have the special operation she did. The now 9-year-old was wheeled

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