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Good Friday Appeal 2017: Brave Charlotte keeps on smiling

It seems illogical at first glance. Why remove the kidney of a seriously ill newborn, when her other one is filtering too many precious proteins and vitamins from her body? And then why spend the next two years slowly destroying

Royal Children’s Hospital helps Edie Lanyon find her feet

Little Edie has spent the first six months of her life in the Royal Children’s Hospital. The tiny fighter was born with her intestines growing outside her body. Doctors had to hurriedly glad wrap her organ when she was born

Royal Children’s Hospital helps Sidney Marketos through hard start to life

In utero Sidney’s jaw didn’t grow properly, which caused his tongue to be pushed up into the roof of his mouth so his palate didn’t join. His small jaw, caused by the rare congenital Pierre Robin Sequence, also obstructed his

Surgery helps little Eva to breathe more easily

At first Eva, 2, watches intently, more curious than apprehensive, as her mother brings the first cotton swab to her daughter’s neck. Soon she starts to cry, but there is no sound. As Kaneko Miyamoto cleans the tracheostomy — the

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