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Adele’s amazing recovery after radical surgery More than four years after a series of radical surgeries, it is only now that Adele Bruckhans has started to ask why she has a scar on her head. “She has no memory of

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Malani gets a second chance at life after fighting blood poisoning, tumour and twisted bowel   For 70 horrific minutes, Malani Iuliano was resuscitated — the three-month-old’s body had shut down; the result of a life-threatening blood poison, kickstarted by

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At a 20-week routine scan, first-time mum Alesha Stace was expecting to learn her unborn baby’s gender. Instead, she would go on to discover her child had a life-threatening heart condition. Mrs Stace’s obstetrician discovered an anomaly in the baby’s

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Jet tech gets premature bub Boet back on track   Baby Boet Mees used up all his cards, bar one, far too quickly. At 25 weeks gestation prenatal scans showed he was already significantly behind in his growth. Boet folded

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