Meet the patients

Harriet and Franklin

Meet Harriet & Franklin

RCH helps brother and sister hit back from emergencies A lot of praying, hoping and bargaining can be done in 90 minutes. Jayne Wilkins and husband Michael Norman have now endured this scenario for each of their two children in

Meet Poppy

Little Poppy’s heartbreaking chemotherapy routine Poppy Esenyel gets her sparkly shoes strapped on and her camera packed when she knows it is hospital day. After eight months of chemotherapy, the six-year-old is — heartbreakingly — an old hand at cancer

Meet Matilda

Pocket Rocket Matilda’s brave oncology battle Matilda Hutton-Latham is known for being a cheeky prankster. With her twin brother, Patrick, by her side, the pair are natural-born sidekicks. So when the four-year-old started limping a month before Christmas, parents Ivan

Meet Despina

Despina’s one-in-a-million broken heart Doctors are standing on the diving board facing pulling off the cardiac equivalent of four reverse somersaults in pike position to fix Despina Sarri. And that’s after swimming a marathon to even get to the surgical

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