Jordan Ablett – Mother and advocate

“I love being actively involved with the Good Friday Appeal, it’s an honour and the absolute least I can do for the kids. As a mum who relies heavily on the RCH for my son’s care, I fully understand just how important it is that we be generous that the children can continue to receive world class care. These kids are bright lights and we all want to see them shine.”

Ben Brown – Melbourne Football Club Player

“I support the Good Friday Appeal for the kids, their families and the amazing staff that work at the Children’s. What all these people have to go through is immense – physically, emotionally and financially. I want to show my support to them and assist, even if only in a small way, to make this year’s Appeal successful.”

Clare Bowditch – Musician and Artist

“The RCH are here for children and families at their most difficult of times. It’s an honour to support their Good Friday Appeal and I know the rest of Victoria will be doing the same.”

Photo credit: Anna Robinson

Emma Vosti – Channel 7 Presenter

“I’ve been a long time supporter of the Good Friday Appeal and having been part of Seven’s coverage over the years I got to see and meet some incredible families and communities rallying together to support The Royal Children’s Hospital. When our son Jack was 1 week old we experienced first hand the world class care that is offered at The Royal Children’s Hospital. Jack was born with a dense unilateral cataract in his right eye and he was operated on at 9 weeks old. We’ll never forget that first visit as we underwent all the tests; sitting waiting and watching family after family pass by, knowing full well each one had their own story to tell. We felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude that we lived in Australia and had access to such incredible doctors and staff at the Royal Children’s Hospital. It’s an honour to be an ambassador for The Good Friday Appeal; knowing we have the chance to impact other families’ experiences by raising money so this care can continue is a privilege.

Emma Murray – Mindfulness and High Performance Coach

“Our family arrived at the emergency department of RCH on Jan 16 2016 and we did not leave until midway through that year. The RCH became our home away from home when our son, 2 weeks shy of his 14 birthday, jumped from a pier at our local beach and sustained a spinal cord injury which left him quadriplegic with no feelings or movement from the chest and shoulders down.

We have forever thrown a coin or 2 into a GFA tin at the traffic lights, never once giving thought to where that money actually goes or why it is so important, until our son’s physical and mental survival relied on it. 

The Royal Children’s Hospital is so much more than its medical care. It is an environment where families are adjusting, adapting and coping with life changing diagnosis’. From the gardens, to the clowns, to the music programs, psychologists, therapy dogs and more. The Royal Children’s Hospital is giving world-leading care.

Isn’t that what all Australian kids and their families deserve?

Being asked to be involved as an Ambassador for this year’s Good Friday Appeal I feel that it’s not about giving back but rather, paying it forward. I don’t wish for any child to have to be a patient at RCH for an hour let alone months on end but by giving my time and energy to support this cause, I know that I can help another family who find themselves in the position where the RCH becomes their home away from home.”

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