Imaging Services

Improved imaging services

The newest addition to The Royal Children’s Hospital: 48 Flemington Road.

Located within what was the Front Entry Building of the old hospital, 48 Flemington Road features many medical centres run by hospital clinicians.

It’s a “home away from home” for these clinicians, making them more available to patients and helping to provide them with better care. However, great care includes not only high quality medical consultations, but also accessible medical imaging services.

Thanks to community support through the Good Friday Appeal, 48 Flemington Road will soon feature its own imaging services.

Specifically, your generosity will fund a fixed x-ray machine with its own waiting room, as well as two ultrasound machines within the same facility.

“The new imaging facilities will provide convenient access for patients seeing their doctor at 48 Flemington Road to the latest digital x-ray and ultrasound machines. Integrated with the main RCH imaging archive system, clinicians will have a complete patient imaging record. The new facility will create a flow on effect for patients at The Royal Children’s Hospital, allowing better access to imaging and reduced waiting times.”

– Padma Rao, Director of RCH Medical Imaging

Posted December 2016

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