Meet the people who help us

Alex Carmody from Wangaratta

Wangaratta’s Alex Carmody rattling donation cans for almost 50 years

The metallic clink of coins dropping in to a tin is music to the ears of Alex Carmody. And very few travellers passing through Wangaratta, particularly on a long weekend, will have escaped the region without contributing at least a

Hot Cross Buns

Bushies bakery quirky hot-cross bun line-up for children’s hospital charity

You might see it occasionally in the city, but a line-up to get into a shop doesn’t happen too often in a rural community. At three o’clock in the morning at Bushies Bakery in Glengarry in eastern Victoria, hot-cross bun hopefuls

Mt Clear College

Mount Clear college plays a guessing game for charity

This is an Easter hunt with a twist

Olive Wellington

Hopetoun’s Olive Wellington is a fundraising machine

Olive Wellington is quite a fixture in the small Mallee town of Hopetoun. The octogenarian can regularly be found rattling donation tins in the main street or settling into a chair outside her family

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