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Kathie Hawkins

Wodonga’s Kathie Hawkins rattling tins for 26 years Kathie Hawkins is Wodonga’s own tour de force in the days leading up to the annual Good Friday Appeal. For the past 26 years, the nearly 70-year-old has rattled tins around the

Pied Pipers

The Pied Pipers go all out for the children While the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin is uncertain, there is no doubt about the goodwill of the namesake organisation in Melbourne. The Pied Pipers has been one of

Leon Duncombe

Leon celebrates 65 years of volunteering   Few know more than Leon and Peter Duncombe just how far the Royal Children’s Hospital fundraiser has come. Leon Duncombe is one of the longest serving volunteers in the money counting room at

Royal Children’s Hospital patient Haylee Lester gives back

At the age of 17, Haylee Lester can say she has met the Queen and thrashed Hollywood heartthrob Chris Hemsworth at Uno. (She suspects he let her win.) Though many of the Bendigo teen’s wishes have come true throughout the years,

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