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Matt Riordan

Time to give back Matt Riordan appreciates better than many people the amazing work that is done at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. When he was six Matt was diagnosed with leukaemia – that was the beginning of his

Rachel Zundovskis

Volunteer helps launch CFA Brigade’s Appeal effort New mum Rachel Zundovskis is looking forward to this year’s Good Friday Appeal. Although her baby son was only born at the end of February, she is keen to continue working with the

Sonia Rosso

Sonia Rosso

Hospital holds a big place in the heart of veteran phone volunteer Sonia Rosso When Sonia Rosso’s daughter was five she went to the Royal Children’s Hospital for what was supposed to be a routine day procedure. The little girl

Kathie Hawkins

Wodonga’s Kathie Hawkins rattling tins for 26 years Kathie Hawkins is Wodonga’s own tour de force in the days leading up to the annual Good Friday Appeal. For the past 26 years, the nearly 70-year-old has rattled tins around the

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