Children’s Cancer Care

Children being treated for cancer at The Royal Children's Hospital will be cared for by an integrated medical and holistic team funded by the Good Friday Appeal.

Through the Children’s Cancer Centre, the leading provider of paediatric cancer services in Victoria, The Royal Children’s Hospital is committed to providing comprehensive cancer care for children and adolescents, which addresses not only treatment of their disease, but also holistic aspects, including psychosocial, financial, mental health and wellbeing, as well as educational and vocational needs.

Thanks to Good Friday Appeal support, the Children’s Cancer centre will utilise the latest learnings and best practice in cancer care through the funding of an integrated multidisciplinary team of specialist oncology medical, nursing, allied health, supportive care and research staff to provide holistic care to children, adolescents and their families.

Dr Di Hanna, Paediatric Oncologist at the Children’s Cancer Centre, said the medical treatment of cancer went hand in hand with the holistic care to best support patients and their families.

“The cancer journey needs a really holistic approach to support the patient and their family through and that involves the whole team, allied health professionals, neuropsychology, psychology, child life, play, everything,” Dr Hanna said.

“Without the generous support from the Good Friday Appeal, we couldn’t do what we do to provide the world class care.”

“The Appeal has been critical for every piece of the cancer journey. We need the latest and best research. We need diagnostic tools and the best clinical trials and the patient and family support networks. The Good Friday Appeal has been a cornerstone for each part of that.”

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